The Twilight Zone

In an age of the unexpected where at a moments note lives are upended, twisted and forever changed should it’s that for many have already entered the Twilight Zone? Could it additionally be that we’ve reached the Outer Limits of madness by our governments failure to set in motion policies that might negate all the violence in our public faculties? As sobering because the times of today are we must bear in mind a time within the remote past long before all the mayhem we see today. This is when Rod Sterling’s began every episode of the Twilight Zone with “You free up this door with a key of creativeness. Beyond it’s miles every other dimension. A measurement of sound. A dimension of sight. A dimension of mind. You are shifting in a land of shadow and substance of things and ideas. You have simply crossed over into the twilight area.” Little did he comprehend that these days we have the complete global in turmoil, governmental reactions that have only compounded the anxiety of millions, and now whole societies are swept up in currents of unrest and tension. It simply may be that millions are actually feeling like they have got actually crossed over into the “Twilight Zone.”

When we take a more in-depth examine the kingdom of our state there stays an undercurrent of economic and monetary misery this is just like the iceberg that sunk the Titanic. On the floor as our media maintains reminding everyone how robust our financial system is, however underneath the surface lies a behemoth of an economic catastrophe poised to rip aside the very material of the state. With the current responses to the trendy faculty shootings in Texas, the ranting’s of Trump, the disaster in the Mid-East, the failed risk to ease diplomatic channels with North Korea and the continuing monetary decline for thousands and thousands of Americans has made us feel like we have crossed over into the Twilight Zone.” In so many other international locations which are looking to deal with the cruel realities of these days maximum of humanity is affected in some damaging manner or some other. Whether we select to accept it or no longer the truth dealing with not simplest in the United States however in so many different nations round the world are precariously near sliding into an abyss of economic and social upheaval.

Those Wizards of political expediency in Washington nonetheless cannot draw close the real drawing close risks facing the U.S. Today. When we’ve had rules that were alleged to ease and in the end eliminate the economic crisis lower back in 2008 our economic guru’s in congress as a substitute acted with full goal dealt with the general public just like the monetary disaster was their fault. Today, the sizeable disparity of wealth continues to widen leaving the US so unbalanced the economic decay that has already begun will best grow to be a whole lot worse.

We see it regular, from the over 30,000 job losses from Toy’s R US to more layoffs in no longer only retail but in so many different industries including the circle of relatives farms have persevered to mount regardless of what the media and the Trump Administration preserve declaring. Policy after policy have done nothing to negate violence in our colleges, have done nothing to raise the standard of dwelling for all individuals who are underemployed or unemployed, and feature completed not anything to make now not handiest the United States a greater strong and relaxed nation however in reality have most effective made topics all throughout the globe lots worse.

From the fake bravado coming from President Trump and an Administration so combative whether or not in trade regulations to navy provocation whether or not within the Mid-East or North Korea it simply could be we’ve set in motion a riptide whose under currents have already brought on hundreds of thousands to accept as true with they too have entered the Twilight Zone. When we’ve had a complete lack of ideas and substance coming from our elected officers in their lame try to solve crisis after disaster has simplest delivered this nation toward the destiny of the Titanic.

The extensive hole among most people of impoverished and few wealthiest people, the modern rules of trade and commerce, and all of the other governmental mandates have constituted the most important domino impact in monetary retardation in our international locations history. It is not any surprise that for such a lot of impoverished are definitely crossing over into any other dimension, void of substance of ideas. Ideas that would actually ease the struggling of so many. A world now filled with very little threat of escaping the cruel reality of a betrayal of a central authority that turned into supposed to shield and relaxed a promise of a higher future for everybody.