Crisis Mode

Due to foreseen events the arena has end up a meaner, more adverse location. Trumpism has given credibility to the insanity. The lust for electricity, and wealth through men have usually given way to the anguish so many suffer. And, too many suffer still. The words of Thomas Jefferson have no location within the America we see today. Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, properly, it’s far suffice to say they have all been taken away. They were replaced by way of an oligarchy rule. An oligarchy rule that has tarnished the respectability and shattered the credibility that turned into our start proper whilst our founding fathers first penned the Constitution.

As a infant of the 50’s the serenity of my formative years evoked a calmer extra notion upsetting demure. This was while the tempo of life become lots slower for it gave time for purpose and sanity as compared to the insanity of now. And, but there continues to be no authentic ground swell movement to rid ourselves of the reputation-quo. A repute-quo that could be a cancer in this kingdom. Sure, there is that lone wolf, Senator Sanders who has tried to galvanize national support for tons wanted reforms. But, unfortunately the thoughts frame of many can’t seem to comprehend the bloodless harsh realities going through this state.

When we’ve leaders and much of the general public too blind to see, to oblivious to care, to ignorant to stand the facts, and too unscrupulous to recognise what is needed are all the substances needed for the upcoming catastrophe. The lust for energy, manipulate and wealth has grew to become the US right into a juggernaut of insatiable appetites for more electricity, control and wealth. The embezzlement of American tax bucks in addition to the fleecing the American dream has handiest similarly entrenched the oligarchy rule. Today, the rule of law is squarely stacked in opposition to the general public of Americans. One cannot help wonder has America’s satisfactory days are at the back of her? The status-quo of today shows that simply maybe a few 60 years in the past weren’t so bad after all.

I wonder how many recognize what Thomas Paine wrote about over 2 hundred years ago? He said quite profoundly “A republic is supposed to be directed with the aid of positive fundamental standards of proper and justice, from which there cannot be any deviation. It is performed by a pick wide variety of people, who act as representatives and in behalf of the entire, and who’re supposed to control as the humans could do have been they all assembled collectively. When a human beings agree to shape themselves right into a republic they together solve and pledge themselves to every other, wealthy and bad alike and to help this rule of same justice amongst them. A republic properly understood, is a sovereignty of justice, in contradistinction to the sovereignty of will.”